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Helpful Hint!



For the following videos, you can slow the speed down without changing the pitch by using the video settings.  Open the video to full screen to see the settings adjustment. In the picture here, it shows the settings in the bottom right corner.  Set the speed to .5 and it's a good tempo for learning the piece. You can do this if you play the video from this page or on YouTube.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Cello Thumb Position

Minuet 1, Suzuki Vol. 1

Gavotte by Lully-Suzuki Violin Book 2

Top 10 Violin/Viola Most Common Mistakes

Gavotte-Violin & Cello Duet

Violin/Viola Vibrato

Violin/Viola Vibrato Part 2

Gavotte in g minor-Suzuki violin book 3

Humoresque-Suzuki Violin Book 3

Cello Vibrato

Making a Good Sound on the Violin

3 Octave Scales for Violin & Viola

Gavotte from Mignon-Suzuki Violin Book 2

Cello 3 octave scales

Double Bass Vibrato

Bourree by Bach-Suzuki Violin Book 3