Music & Worship Arts Academy


All MWAA classes use the program SmartMusic.  This is a music education program that needs to be downloaded to a computer that will be available to students during their practice time. As of December, 2016, there are two distinctly different SmartMusic programs. We will be using the SmartMusic Classic program. We will not be using the new and completely separate program entitled "The New SmartMusic" at this at this time as it has limited functionality.

We will use the SmartMusic Classic program for homework and various assignments throughout the year. The cost of the program is $40 per year, per student and can be downloaded at  To purchase, download SmartMusic and then complete a registration for each student (If enrolling multiple students, Smartmusic only needs to be downloaded one time). Please do not purchase a microphone from Smartmusic.  I will provide free microphones for all students who need them.

During our initial parent meeting on August 21, 2017, I will help everyone complete their Smartmusic setup.  

After the initial setup process, SmartMusic is very easy to use. All students will have assignments waiting for them when they enroll so they can begin right away.