Music & Worship Arts Academy

There is one-time registration fee of $35 per student, per academic year.

$40 per month for string orchestra classes.
$30 per half-hour for private lessons.
$120 per month for combined orchestra class and private lessons.

Additional students from the same family receive a 25% discount for all classes.

Referrals receive a $40 credit to their account.  If a student (or family) registers and credits you for referring them, you will receive a $40 credit. Most of our students register based on referrals and we are very happy to provide this credit for referrals. After a student registers, we will be very careful to work with you and apply all discounts and credits.  Please bring it to our attention if we have missed something!


Registration is $35 per student. Please use the link below to pay using a credit card or PayPal. This fee will cover the cost of the student t-shirt, music binder, instrument tuner, class method book and other supplies. These items will be provided for every student to keep so parents do not need to find and purchase them.